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Message for August 30th, 2020 "Luther Discipline"

by Pastor John Burger | Pastor John's Devotions Based on Luther's Devotions.

Pastor John Burger, Missionary at Large of Metanoia Ministries.

Pastor John has served God’s people in full-time ministry since 1990 in Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.¬† After 30 years in the parish, he now serves as Missionary at Large of Metanoia Ministries where he shares the good news of Jesus online through videos, podcasts, meditations and devotions.

As a Missionary at Large, Pastor John is a pastor to the whole world and partners with Christians like you to show the love of Jesus to the unchurched and unbelievers.


Inspirations are devotions written by Pastor John and other Metanoia Ministry writers. These Bible-based messages address topics that we all face and help you become inspired by God’s promises as you live life empowered by His word.

Empowering Words

Empowering Words are short Bible based videos that applies God healing word to the challenges and hurts of our life. Each message will show you that where we are weak, God is strong. Where we lack, God provides. Where we fall short, God comes through for us. These messages will help you reset your life compass to Jesus, your True North and the way to know God as your loving Heavenly Father.


Audio topics, inspirations and messages to sustain you when you feel dry and empower you when you feel week. These are messages and talks based on God word that will encourage you and change your life.

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