Support Needed

Metanoia Ministries Inc. is a recognized non-profit public charity organization in Iowa, exempt from federal income tax per the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Section 501(c) (3).

With this status, Metanoia can receive tax deductible charitable gifts. Metanoia has been organized per the IRS non-profit regulations with a board of directors, articles of incorporation and bylaws.

The purpose of Metanoia Ministries is to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, conduct evangelistic activities, provide religious, charitable and humanitarian services, and also to engage in activities which are necessary and suitable to that purpose.

Initial support is needed for start up needs such as:

  • renovation of audio/video studio for production use
  • equipment and supplies
  • technology/website setup

Some in-kind donations have already been received for some equipment! Thank you Lord!

The estimated need for the remaining start up cost is $3,000.

Ongoing support is also needed for general budget for the remainder of 2020 (and beyond). This includes the salary support of the Missionary at Large of Metanoia Ministries, Pastor John Burger.

It also includes monthly costs/fees for technology production support, virtual assistant, office supplies, internet/phone service costs etc.

Because some of the Missionary at Large salary needs have already been procured for 2020, (thank you Lord again!), the estimated general budget needs for Metanoia Ministries for June 1-December 31, 2020 is: $34,000.

As you prayerfully consider a donation to Metanoia Ministries, you can click here to DONATE with a one time gift or monthly support.

This has been set up through an online church giving organization called Simple Give. Cash gifts (ACH) or credit card gifts are accepted (please note, credit card gifts cost the ministry 2.5% so adding the amount to the gift is appreciated to keep costs down).

Gifts can also be mailed to:

Metanonia Ministries, Inc.
25709 Highway 6
Adel, IA 50003